The Adventure Gaming Society presents

27th February 2016
Woolf College
University of Kent, Canterbury

What is this GameCon thing?

GameCon is the annual gaming convention run by the Adventure Gaming Society at the University of Kent. We bring gamers together to play a range of games, including board games, roleplaying games and tabletop wargames. We also give gamers a chance to play games alongside traders peddling their gaming wares, competitions and raffles, and guest speakers. Keep an eye out for more information!

Special Guest: Dan Abnett

Yes, the Dan Abnett (type his name into Google and you'll find his Wikipedia page and blog) is coming back to GameCon. He'll be around for at least half of the day and we'll give him a chance to tell us a bit about what he's been up to in recent years. He came to GameCon a few years ago and we all had a great time, and he tends to be very open to signing anything you might have that has his name on...

What games can I play

We'll have the AGS Library out as normal for a Saturday, with plenty of games for you to try. Or feel free to bring your own! We'll have a room dedicated for board and card games so you can sit down with friends and foes to enjoy whatever takes your fancy.

As far as competitions and tournaments go, this year we have a Fluxx tournament thanks to the good people at Looney Labs, and potentially more in the pipeline.

We will also have some roleplaying games available to lose yourself in for a few hours. Places in these games are limited - details below - and we will shortly be opening up a chance to sign up for some in advance. Don't worry though, as we'll keep a couple of spaces back for signing up on the day. Games will run at scheduled times during the day - more details to follow!
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